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Piece by piece, a bird builds its nest to provide a safe place for its family to grow and flourish.  Similarly, Nest Network weaves local agency programming and expertise with the stories and experiences of the people they serve to create a supportive environment for families to thrive. 

Nest Network proposes a series of nesting structures (Nests), serving as optimal building blocks for a wide range of spatial and programmatic activity.  One on one interaction, small group connects, large audience settings, playful and exploratory environments can all be achieved through the myriad arrangements of the Nest structures.  The power of the proposal lies in its versatile nature.  It is simple yet diverse, common yet iconic, intimate yet communal.

Each Nest will be fabricated utilizing CNC milling technology, minimizing installation time and increasing material efficiency.  The simplicity of construction allows for a participatory building experience, enabling young and old to take part in the shaping of their Nest.  The designs of each Nest prototype will be available online as an open-source toolkit for all to explore and download, providing a path for people to involve themselves in the shaping of their communities.  As more individuals, entrepreneurs, institutions, and agencies build and deploy their Nests, a robust network emerges, providing new forms of opportunity to build community, share culture, and generate income.

Nest Network leverages Malmö’s social and physical infrastructure, building on what exists rather than starting anew.  The Nest prototype is meant as an exploration and not a final solution.  By empthatically listening to the needs of residents, new and established, the Nest Network is able to adapt to the diverse requirements of a global community in Sweden.  It will evolve based on the experiences of those who use it and its changing context as it is deployed across the city.  Not a top-down imposition, Nest Network provides a tool to engage, educate, and empower the families of Malmö enabling all to grow and flourish together.


Fall 2016


Van Alen Institute Opportunity Space


Gray Garmon / Jean-Pierre Casillas / Jason Roberts / Rickey Crum / Zach Allen / Samantha Zellefrow


Malmö, Sweden

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