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A Vision For North Downtown

Nashville’s relationship with water has proved to be an immense source of pride and joy, as well as an imminent risk. This project proposes a new urban paradigm which celebrates the energy of the Cumberland River as a dynamic platform for public life; this design seeks to pull the waterfront experience through a vibrant neighborhood formed upon this a mix of relationships and social spaces. Infrastructure designed as public space can begin to speak to a new type of community form, which has the potential to hold crowds as well as stormwater. Upon doing this, Nashville can celebrate its relationship with its natural environment in a way that is beneficial. By creating a mix of spaces able to function throughout the year, this plan seeks to be a new local destination which compliments downtown. Opportunities and amenities are important for attracting millenials as well as drawing in other visitors around the city.

Attractors and Anchors
In the first stage of the proposal, Attractors and Anchors are used to set the stage for vibrancy along a highly capable landscape corridor. The momentum of the new ballpark stadium becomes an anchor by which development flows to along the Music City Bikeway. This bikeway, by use of City Bonds, becomes highly programmed to function as an attractor for all types of people – ranging from bicyclists, pedestrians, street musicians, to outdoor dining. By daylighting the creek beneath the bikeway, a new urban landscape can be realized.

Neighborhoods and Blocks
The second phase hinges off the re-imagined urban environment and seeks to create new neighborhood pockets that are a cross between downtown and suburban lifestyles. Its during this phase of development where mixed-use living and walkability are priorities for building a strong urban fabric as a whole.

Extended Development
Over the course of the development plan, the parcels to the west of the Bicentennial Mall are swapped with that of the riverfront properties releasing the land to the public realm, in accordance with Nashville’s vision of extended waterfront experience. The Nashville Farmer’s Market is given a more appropriate location on the riverfront and is located within a more flexible space.  Investing In Nashville

The success of this project is tied to the success of Nashville. Upon implementation, this project would seek to utilize local labor unions and groups as part of the construction process as well as building with local materials. This project seeks to not only bring businesses to invest in Nashville, but reside here in its neighborhoods as well.


Spring 2014


University of Pennsylvania


ULI Gerald D Hines Student

Urban Design Competition


Richard Weller


Mark Kieser / Eric Hull /

Kate Rodgers / Mike Smith


Nashville, TN

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